“For many centuries the native people of our area have been carving stone which in time became the world wide known Maya ruins, which were nominated patrimony of the humanity by the world. Today, the famous “Chichen Itza” castle is one of the seven wonders of the modern world”.


Tikul & Coquina Stone works shoulder with shoulder with this amazing skilled carver, and help them improve their natural skills with the use of technology and modern hand tools, without losing the beauty of the handmade crafts which distinguish us.


Tikul & Coquina is a stone handcrafts & carving specialist with the capacity and experience of working with small and large projects. We understand the customer needs,  so We put special attention on quality and delivery time.


We fabricate all kind of Fireplaces, Columns, Capitals, Balustrades, Fountains, Pool Copings, Moldings, Vanity tops, Counter tops, Sinks, Corbel, Tiles, Slabs and any other imaginable ornamental item.


The main stones we carry are: Tikul, Coquina, Macedonia, Ostra or Fosil and Deloro.

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